Rootage Holistic Lifestyle Design
Rootage Holistic Lifestyle Design
Rachel Smith

We're creating a community to nourish holistic balance and harmony.

Reconnect your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit to create and enjoy Life with balanced energy.

About Me

I am a board-certified health coach, a holistic health and life coach, an ordained healing minister, and a retired nurse. I am also an herbalist and enjoy working in my kitchen apothecary creating various "remedies" and other herbal goodies. My primary interest is in restoring and maintaining balance within the body and how that can impact every aspect of life. Some of my interests include bioenergetics, psychology, spirituality, and energetic balance through nutrition and supplementation (when needed). I love gardening and being in Nature. And, I have discovered that I really enjoy teaching about health and spirituality. 

Why You Should Join Me

Joining my community will help bring together holistically-minded people who want to make balanced changes in their own lives and extend that out into the Universe. You will learn from an awesome coach and be able to share experiences as you learn and grow. I will be sharing and teaching exclusive content in this community covering a wide range of topics but all in the spirit of healing, self-empowerment, and growth. 

A Big Thanks

With your support, I can not only continue to make progress with my own journey but I will have the means to share what I've experienced and teach you ways to make your journey less stressful and more balanced. Your support also allows me to offer services to those who may not be financially stable right now as well as support a variety of non-profit and charitable organizations. I appreciate every bit of support I receive from you. 

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