We're creating a community to explore the path of Wise Selfishness.

In harmonized balance with heart, we become Wisely Selfish.

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Introducing the path of Wise Selfishness with Rootage Holistic Lifestyle Design.

Rootage Holistic Lifestyle Design was born from the passion and desire to share the teachings of Wise Selfishness and holistic living. Wise Selfishness consists of concepts shared with Rev. Dr. Rachel Smith, HHLC over the course of her life by Elders, Ancestors, various teachers, Spirits, Netjer, Daemonic-Divine Intelligences, and her interpretations of her own life experiences. 

The act of living in a state of Wise Selfishness is constantly growing, expanding, and evolving. This path focuses on creating a life of harmonized balance through Heart-Centered Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Compassion -- things that are lacking for most people today. The purpose of Rootage Holistic Lifestyle Design is to create a community in which those of us seeking "something different" can come together to explore and learn and create that "something different"--even if we don't know precisely what that is just yet. 

By connecting with the various aspects of our Self, connecting with others, and especially connecting with Nature, we can reestablish and maintain harmonized balance and create a life that is truly something beautiful. And we do that by starting with ourselves, by becoming Wisely Selfish...to remember who we are, to embrace and honor who we are, and to keep our Self always in our mind. 

Why You Should Join Rootage Holistic Lifestyle Design

In this community, you will have the opportunity to explore how Wise Selfishness can help you expand your comfort zone while creating a new lifestyle that is heart focused and based on connectedness with your Self, others, and Nature (Universe, Spirit, Source, Creator, etc.).

The teachings shared here revolve around the concept of being Wisely Selfish, which is putting yourself first for Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Compassion. This leads to Self-Empowerment so that you can better care for and be present for your family, friends, and the greater community. This is not done in a way that focuses on the ego but instead, the focus is on the Heart / Soul and incorporates all aspects of the Self. This community is here to guide and support you as you connect with and embrace your whole self in order to create and maintain balance, harmony, and beauty in your life. 

By designing your holistic lifestyle and making nourishing changes in yourself, you will help bring about necessary changes in the world. These teachings and techniques are heart-focused and Spirit based to bring about a return to connectedness with ourselves, others, and Nature. 

Thank you

I am grateful for your interest, support, and decision to learn from me. I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge of holistic health and Spiritual wellness with you so that you may become Wisely Selfish and empowered. Together we can create a world in which we, once again, live in harmony and balance with Nature and each other.

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